Duration: 25 Minutes
* Provides a clean and professional look:

Includes spa salts with essential oils water bath, cutitle conditioning, cleansing, buffing, lotion application, and polish of your choice.

Duration: 35 Minutes
* Relaxes your mind and body with a calming massage:

Basic plus: soothing steam towel foot wrap, invigorating lower leg and foot massage.

Duration: 45 Minutes
* Elevates your mood by pampering your feet and heels:

Regular plus: sea minerals scrub, exfoliation, cucumber mint massage, basic callus and heel care.

Duration: 50 Minutes
* Immerses your body and mind in serenity by creating splendid experience for your feet and ensures the sweetness of your skin:

Deluxe plus: hot milk and honey aromatic sugar scrub, clay and mask with antioxidant soft lotion.

Additional Services to Pedicure:

Duration: Varies
Restores your soles to a healthy condition. Dissolves dead, unwanted skin with natural, exfoliating fruit acids. Pamper and calm skin with soothing ingredients such as aloe and Japanese green tea. Hydrate sole with Paraffin wax wrap. Rejuvenate and moisturize skin with Swedish healing creams.
Duration: 12 Minutes
Rejuvenate your inner Chi with 12 minutes of luxurious deep foot massage. Relieve your stress and pain with a natural healing zone therapy massage.
Sculptured gel enhancement for your toes that creates a multidimension glitter layer. Looks gorgeous in the sun with open toes and lasts up to 6 weeks.